Automatic Hotel keylock

System composition:

1.Lock (qty = guest room)—installed in doors

2.Encoder (qty=1-2pcs/hotel ) —For issuing/ program all cards to be unlock key

3.Energy-saving Switch (qty = guest room)

4.Cards (qty = 3-5 times of guest room)

5.Data collector (1pc/hotel, Optional)


1.FREE software,software system efficiently manage whole hotel. API, DLL file support integrated to other system. 2.Use software to cancel lost cards or staff cards, unique hidden mechanical key hole design, false locking alarm to remind close the lock completely.

3. Anti- rust and anti-corrosion

4. ANSI standard 5 latches/ EU mortise lock body ensure security, anti-strike

5. Data collector can get open lock record, eg. when,who use which key open lock

6.Two unlock ways: RFID card or mechanical key (universal Master key optional)


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