Ladies Pepper Spray “Great Price”


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Pepper spray is one of the most iconic (and effective) self-defense products available for the average citizen. Also known as OC spray, defense sprays work by inflaming the mucous membranes in the skin, nose and eyes Pepper spray comes in all shapes and sizes. They are as small as half an ounce and as large as one pound. Variations include regular canisters, as well as those with key rings and clips for belts. There are also concealed models in the form of lipstick, phone cases, bracelets, guns/firearms, and pens. All of these are great when dealing with an attacker, as it gives them no time to react. Pepper spray is highly recommended for self-defense. WE SELL BOTH RETAIL AND WHOLESALE AND WE SHIP ACROSS IN NIGERIA. CALL/WHATSAPP FOR MORE DETAILS


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