Durable Rubber Traffic Speed Breaker Bump Hump


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Speed Humps are the most cost effective solution to controlling and managing risk. They provide a safe environment for both the public and staff, and they minimize costly staff down time, insurance claims and costly legal battles. Advantage 1.Black & Yellow color combination for greater visibility; 2.Moisture & temperature resistant; 3.Modular design provides easy installation; 4.Reflectors & Glass Elements provide better night vision; 5.It could be combided as the clients’requirment,it is easy to install; 6.Rubber as a base material helps it in making better grip on the road; 7.Mainly used at the crossings of cities, highway, tollgates, gardens,villages, parking lots and gas station etc. WE CAN SUPPLY AND INSTALL IN ANYWHERE IN NIGERIA OFFICES IN LAGOS, ABUJA, PORT HARCOURT AND BENIN CITY


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