250, 300, 360 And 4800 Watts Solar Panels For Sale


Magic Tech Solar Energy is a conglomerate of Magic Global Technology. We also install solar panels that can power an entire building or selected appliances in the building. We install in homes, offices, factories, shopping malls, streetlights and stadiums as well. Give us a call today on 08038226739, tell us what you want (the kind of appliances you want the solar system to power) and we will give you an affordable price quote. Magic Tech Solar Energy Company is in the business of renewable energy, our service is built upon harnessing sunlight to power our homes and offices. We offer the best prices for solar installations. If you are looking for the best option for power generation or backup power source then, Magic Tech Solar Energy Company is the best. We offer affordable solar system in Nigeria while using the best and highest quality materials.


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