Automatic Hotel keylock

30,000.00 25,000.00

Hotel keylock @ magictech system can effectively manage, control and protect entry into hotel rooms/homes and offices
with programmed key card

our keycard system are of very high quality and comes with lots of features to suit your need.

Various types of cards can be generated from the hotel lock software such as:

check out card: force revoking the current guest card on the room.

Data startup card: it is used for ic lock or rfid lock to boot the wireless data receiver (wdr) and lock management assistant

guest card: access the guest’s room or the common door which included in.

Master card: this kind of card can open all locks in a certain period.

Area card

building card

we can supply and install anywhere in Nigeria

Abuja office: suite a24 Emab plaza Aminu kano cresent wuse2 Abuja

Benin office: 42 Mission road opp Emokpae primary school Benin city


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